2019 Self-Direction Conference

April 29, 2019 – April 30, 2019 all-day
Baltimore, MD

Visit MITC’s booth at the 2019 Self-Direction Conference on April 29-30 in Baltimore, MD. Learn how other providers across the US are using Agency Workforce Management to reduce costs, ensure compliance, and increase operational effectiveness.

MITC has a long history of working with human services providers, so we understand the unique needs of an agency. Agency Workforce Management offers two main technologies for visit verification: telephone timekeeping with caller-ID verification and Web Clock with GPS verification. Medicaid auditors prefer either technology over paper timesheets, as long as the technology is compliant with Medicaid regulations for electronic documentation.

Agency Workforce Management’s solution also includes these important features:

  1. Warns employees if client’s monthly budget is nearly used
  2. Stops employees from clocking in if client’s monthly budget is used

All providers want to serve their clients well, but they have to operate within the authorization for the plan of care for each individual and service. Agency Workforce Management automatically alerts you by text or email if an individual’s monthly budget is exceeded.