Manage Your Service Documentation

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Ensuring that your service documentation is complete, accurate and audit ready is the difference between being audit ready and being an audit risk. Join Jessica Robertson, Agency Software Trainer on Tuesday, December 1st at 2pm ET and get the guidance you need to create customizable documentation prompts based on your Individuals and the services that they receive for smart phones and landline phones.

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During this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Create clear and concise documentation prompts
  • Assign unlimited documentation prompts to individual clients by service
  • Edit and copy your Documentation Plan with ease
  • How to create Documentation Plan templates by service
  • Review the two ways employees can complete documentation
  • How to identify missing or incomplete documentation and how to fix it.
  • And more!

Who should attend?

  • Any agency at various parts of their Billing Preparation implementation
  • Your internal Implementation Team
  • Your agency’s billing team 

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