Agency Weekly Webinar Series

Webinar: Streamlining Billing and Documentation

October 10, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Client arrival and departure time, services provided, budgets, utilization, ratios of staff to clients, and more all need to be tracked for providers to ensure accurate billing and maximize revenue. This complex process, if not tackled optimally, can devour the time of multiple skilled staff.

Agency Workforce Management’s Group Billing allows providers to automatically convert client attendance records into billing records, as well as automate rounding and billing cap rules. Authorization and utilization reporting is automated.

Comprehensive reporting and powerful database integration tie documentation notes to billing and employee attendance. Agencies can track hours by consumer and the type of service provided, and compare these to the consumer’s plan of care to maximize authorized billing, minimize under-billing, and control over-billing outside the plan of care.

Join us for a webinar on Thursday, October 10th at 2:00pm EDT to learn how agency workforce management can streamline documentation and billing, and save your agency’s valuable time and money!

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