Solutions for Group Homes

Solutions for Group Homes/Residential Programs

Streamline Scheduling and Reduce Overtime in Group Home Programs

Agencies managing group homes face unique challenges not found in other programs, including overtime, scheduling, and low-level paper timesheet fraud. Payroll and overtime costs tend to be relatively high in group home programs. Agency Workforce Management offers affordable and effective solutions for agencies with group homes to cope with these and other challenges.

Solutions for Group Home Programs

  • Biometrics

    Our biometric fingerprint readers are affordable, deliver a quick return-on-investment, are suitable for use in three- to four-bed group homes, and have many advantages over other time and attendance methods when it comes to group home programs.

  • Scheduling

    Of all the agency programs that benefit from scheduling, group homes have the most to gain. The labor shortage is forcing more providers to look at their scheduling methods in group homes. Agency Workforce Management allows employees to receive next shift reminders, view their schedules, see who they are working with, and more.

  • Schedule Prompting

    Staff working in group home programs often work in more than one group home and may be subject to schedule variations. Agency Workforce Management includes schedule prompting, which provides daily reminders for staff as to where they are working, who they are working with, start and end times, and work instructions.

  • myCheckIn

    Staff working overnight awake shifts may be required to check in every hour or two to ensure they are awake and have not left the group home. Alerts can be automatically generated if a staff member misses a check awake punch.

  • Automated Alerts

    Agencies are busy organizations. Managers, HR, and executives have a lot of issues to track, such as training, licenses, and more. Automated Workforce Management alerts let your agency focus on its priorities by erasing the need to use reports and manual emails.

  • Employee and Manager Self-Service

    Agency Workforce Management uses a simple web portal that managers, staff, or parents/guardians can access anywhere, anytime.

  • Payroll Integration

    Agency Workforce Management integrates with any payroll, eliminating the need to choose the same provider for time and attendance.