Solutions for Agencies with HCBS Programs

Solutions for Home and Community-Based Service Programs

Optimize Billing and Ensure Compliance in Home & Community-Based Service Programs

Agencies managing HCBS programs often struggle with billing, payroll, compliance, and audit challenges. Managed care, fee-for-service, EVV, and new overtime and ACA regulations create even more difficulties. Agency Workforce Management helps providers streamline billing and payroll, reduce billing mistakes, and engage employees with self-service and scheduling solutions.

Solutions for HCBS Programs

  • Scheduling

    The labor shortage is forcing more providers to look at their scheduling methods in HCBS programs. Agency Workforce Management offers scheduling solutions to improve manager productivity and enable them to make more informed scheduling decisions.

  • Schedule Prompting

    Staff working in HCBS programs often work with more than one client and may be subject to schedule variations. Schedule prompting provides daily reminders for staff, such as who they are working with, start and end times, and work instructions.

  • Scheduling Out All Authorized Hours

    With Agency Workforce Management, managers can easily send schedules to their staff and immediately notify them of any changes. This allows the client to plan all billable hours.

  • Front-Loading Schedules

    With Agency Workforce Management, providers with tight weekly or monthly client budgets are able to marginally front-load schedules. This enables them to deliver most of the services 80% through the budget period.

  • Documentation

    Agencies managing HCBS programs face unique challenges. One of them is obtaining verification of services provided from guardians, consumers, or parents. With Agency Workforce Management, providers can capture service notes at the end of a visit with either Telephone Timekeeping or Web Clock.

  • Payroll Rules and Reporting Engine

    Agency Workforce Management automates all the complex payroll rules that are common in HCBS programs, without putting undue burdens on employees. Employees do not need to remember to clock in or out multiple times during a shift (known as “transfers”) to deliver accurate payroll.

  • Payroll Integration

    Agency Workforce Management integrates with any payroll, eliminating the need to choose the same provider for time and attendance.

  • Automated Alerts

    Automated workforce management alerts allow your agency to focus on its priorities by eliminating the need to use reports and manual calls and emails. Get automated alerts for overtime, no-shows, HR alerts, scheduling alerts, authorizations, budgets, and more.

  • myCheckIn

    Staff working overnight awake shifts may be required to check in every hour or two to ensure they are awake and have not left the client. Alerts can be automatically generated if an employee misses a check awake punch.

  • Employee and Manager Self-Service

    Agency Workforce Management uses a simple web portal that managers, staff, or parents/guardians can access anywhere, anytime.