On The Road Again

Coming from a completely different career in the music industry, travel has always been something that sparks my interest. I love to feel the energy of places you’ve seen in pictures, have read about online, or heard about from a friend. A huge passion of mine, other than music, is the ever expanding craft beer market. This past week I was traveling to the VNPP Conference in Richmond, which is also the home of one of my favorite breweries and some killer grub.

On the way into town I usually hit a Virginia classic, Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint.  It’s not necessary to even look at a menu; the Greg Brady is the only choice. Donning mac n’ cheese and Martin’s BBQ potato chips, you’re sure to fall right into a food coma before even thinking of being productive in society.

After finding your way out, making sure no fires need to be put out in your inbox, and setting up for the conference the next morning, some fresh air is next on the docket. The Veil Brewing Co. (one of my absolute favorite breweries) is a commanding force of the RVA beer culture. They specialize in New England Style IPAs, juicebox like sours, and stouts that could be mistaken for melted chocolate. No matter the day, no matter the time, the taproom is pulsating with activity.

Richmond in general is experiencing a resurgence of coolness. Restaurants, breweries, and a rich history are just some of the components that are bringing people to the city in droves. I only wish I had more time to experience more! Luckily it’s only a few hours away.

After two long conference days, with a side of expected hoarse voice syndrome, how can you pass up some classic BBQ! Sometimes I just can’t help myself, ribs are too enticing.

Let the moral of the story be this:

Given the opportunity to see new places, take the walk or Uber to that place you’ve heard about, you’ll (almost) never regret it. At the very least you’ll have a memory to look back on and say “hey, I’ve been there!”

Cheers & Happy Trails!

-Billy Rebosky

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