Cooked with Love

What do I love the most aside from friends and family? What everyone else loves the most…FOOD!!!!!!

It is essential to our existence; it is what we need to sustain ourselves; take everything else but, by all means, leave the food behind. I can go on and on about the benefits of food. I mean, how else could I justify stuffing my face every chance I get?

On a serious note, food has been one of the core components of expressing love, gratitude and compassion in my family. It’s what I was exposed to growing up. There was always an abundance of food – enough to indulge in with friends, neighbors, guests or anyone who stopped by for a spontaneous visit. Preparing meals always felt like a party because we took it that seriously.

Luckily for me, food still is and will always be a celebration. There is something very special and gratifying when someone truly enjoys and appreciates a meal you have prepared – with the exception of my 4 year-old son whose ever-changing taste buds are the worst critic.

Weekends that I am free, as you can imagine, are spent in either my kitchen or a friend’s kitchen cooking up a storm – ending the weekend with a bang in time to set the mood right for the week.