Louisiana on Third Attempt at EVV Implementation

The first two times Louisiana mandated EVV, the state selected a single vendor that all providers were required to use. In 2013, the state contracted with Sandata and in 2015 it contracted with First Data. Both attempts ultimately failed. Now, Louisiana is again implementing EVV to comply with the 21st Century Cures Act, but it is taking a different approach.

Louisiana contracted with LaSRS for a statewide EVV system, but is allowing providers to use another system as long as it integrates with LaSRS. Effective May 1, 2018, any providers who do not comply with the EVV mandate — including those who manually enter data into LaSRS — will receive corrective action. The state made it clear that non-compliant providers may not receive reimbursement for billed services.

Programs Affected: HCBS direct-care services delivered outside of the home, including center-based, vocational, and transportation services

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