Using Texting in the Hiring Process

There are multiple reasons to use texting in your hiring process. Here are the 10 main ones:

  1. Today’s future employees use text, not email.
  2. Increase your message open rates over email with texting.
  3. Younger employees, like millennials, particularly use texting.
  4. Phone calls, without engaging first through text, is off-putting to many.
  5. Your competitors are using texting. If you are not using texting, you are not competing.
  6. Convert a higher percentage of good fit candidates to new hires.
  7. Accelerate the first engagement to hire cycle.
  8. Streamline the recruiting process.
  9. Cut time to schedule candidate interviews.
  10. Fill positions faster with texting.

In summary, SMS communications and experiences offer the most simplified, convenient application experience especially for lower paid positions.

We would love to hear what you think! Is this something your agency will be implementing? Do you already use texting in your hiring process? Let us know by commenting below!

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