DSP Awards 2020

DSP’s have been one of the critical groups at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.

To show our appreciation, MITC announced in April of 2020 that we would give away $10,000 to 31 hardworking and dedicated DSP’s who were nominated by someone from their agency. 

MITC values the hard work put forth by DSPs everyday, and hoped to show our appreciation through these prizes!

Over the course of several months, we received hundreds of nominations sharing the stories of incredibly hardworking and dedicated DSPs; each one unique and notable.

A team of MITC employees read through every story to pick the 31 winners, a task that was not taken lightly. Eventually, our winners were chosen and two presentations were given, sharing their remarkable stories.

The DSP community works hard every day, not just during a crisis, which is why MITC will be repeating the DSP Awards in 2021. DSP’s are deserving of all recognition possible, and MITC is hoping to contribute to that. Keep an eye out this summer for more information on how to nominate your DSP!

Thank you to all DSP’s for your hard work in 2020, as well as your continued efforts going into 2021.

Download the eBook to read the 2020 winners’ stories.

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