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Why use Schedules with EVV

Many providers are not used to using Schedules in HCBS programs as the actual time of the service may vary and the care givers often schedule around the individual or family needs.

Some providers do use schedules in these same programs. This is why:

  1. It is important to ensure an authorization is maximized so that the individual gets the services the individual is entitled to, and the agency gets the revenue.
  2. Verify the care giver uses the right service code on clocking-in. If the individual is entitled to Community Habilitation and Respite Care, the care giver will need to select the service on clock-in. If the care giver uses the wrong service code, the wrong authorization will be updated, the billing may be lower than optimum, and the wrong documentation may be completed.

Basically, the providers using Schedules think they achieve better service delivery and billing outcomes.

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