EVV Weekly News Flash

EVV Training Every Monday, Every Week. Now 120 Minutes!

  • Every Monday at 2:00pm EST until further notice!
  • Due to continued registrations and more providers selecting Agency Workforce Management, EVV Training has been extended!
  • Includes a “What’s New” section at the start of each training. Providers who have joined an earlier training, can get updates at the start

DSP EVV Training Video

An EVV training video for direct support professionals will be available shortly to all customers. This will help providers standardize the training for staff and ensure DSP training is consistent and comprehensive.

Billing Preparation Update

In Quarters 3 and 4, providers getting ready for EVV requested a number of enhancements to Billing Preparation to help manage EVV and Billing transactions. This new fact sheet with a list of all the billing units, authorization, utilization, revenue and profit reports was included.

Idaho Confirms Details of EVV Roll Out

Some states have still not determined their EVV system. Idaho recently confirmed that all providers need to acquire their own system for EVV to submit data to the Idaho state aggregator. MITC was one of the software companies Idaho confirmed as being compatible.

Illinois has started communicating with providers on EVV. No dates published yet.

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