Top 5 Benefits of an Integrated System

When running an agency, there are multiple operations that need to be tracked – schedules, trainings, clock-ins and outs, hiring, and more! Having multiple systems to track all of this can really bog down an agency’s operations. An integrated system has multiple benefits that impact all sectors of an agency.

1.     Reduced Data Entry

Entering data into an electronic system manually can be a frustrating and time-consuming job. Integration cuts this work by half. When fully integrated, the administrative burden is reduced and work efficiency improved. Eliminating data entry hassles result in time and money savings.

2.     Higher Reimbursement Velocity

Integration improves the first pass claim rates. Staff will spend less time working on rejections with an improved the first pass claim ratio.

3.     One Central Management Solution

An integrated solution reduces training needs and increases acceptance long term. Staff learn one integrated system that increases collaboration and accountability. Improved workflow should = improved care.

4.     Improved Interoperability

An integrated system improves the communication between the internal systems of your agency by creating a smooth channel for the flow of information.

5. Transparency

An integrated system empowers your agency with a transparent workflow. You can more easily track the number of individuals receiving service, submit claims more promptly, get paid earlier, minimize rejected claims, spot missed billing and manage receivables in a single place. A transparent workflow helps identify areas that require attention.

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