What’s the Secret to Employee Engagement?

Engagement is an employee’s emotional commitment to your organization and its goals. When engagement is unlocked, it leads to higher productivity, cost reductions, and retention.

True commitment is a two-way street. What are you doing to earn it and how can you reciprocate? MITC offers a variety of tools to help your organization drive engagement:

  1. Get off to a good start: Create a positive impression with new hires with myApplicantsHireForms Onboarding, and myTraining. Organize your new hires, save time and money, and create a good impression!
  2. Stay in touch: myCommunications is a must for any organization with remote employees. Send messages to all employees, groups of employees, or individuals with read-receipt verification.
  3. Scheduling: Customers report that employees love the ability to see open shifts and request extra work. Read this interview with a customer to learn more.
  4. Self-service: Make sure your managers respond to attendance, PTO, and schedule requests in a timely manner. Use myAlerts to remind busy managers in case they get distracted.
  5. myMITC Home Page: Use the home page to market your organization to your employees and keep them informed.
  6. Thank You’s: Use the automated “Thank You For Working On A Holiday”, “Happy Birthday”, and “Happy Anniversary” greetings to show employees that you care!
  7. Automated Reminders: Help your managers succeed with myAlerts automated reminders.
  8. Training: Employees value training. Use myTraining to help employees enroll in classes and receive automated reminders on their training and license requirements. Another benefit? Make sure your organization is in compliance!
  9. Safety: Employees need to be safe and protected. Use mySafetyManager to organize drills, inspections and track repair requests.
  10. Lone workers: Use myCheckIn to ensure staff and clients are ok in vulnerable situations such as overnight shifts.
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