Women Take the Workforce by Storm

The Wall Street Journal reports that women are staging a return to the workforce, especially in the service sector that has been struggling with a labor shortage.

This is potentially good news for human service agencies!

Why the Change?

Prior to the pandemic, women edged higher than men on US payrolls, but the pandemic sent nearly 12 million women out of jobs, compared to nearly 10 million men.

Many women had to leave jobs to take on childcare duties, but as virtual schooling, daycare closures, and fears of COVID subside, the female working sector is growing.

What Does This Return to Work Look Like?

Women are now rejoining the labor force and filling service sector jobs! Additionally, more remote working options are available across the country bringing more opportunities.

  • At the end of 2022, women employment in the service sector grew 719,000.
  • Part-time jobs in the service sector are sometimes more attractive especially for retirees, or mothers with children.
  • Women have gained more jobs than men for 4 straight months.
  • All female racial groups have seen an improvement in women in the workforce.

What Should Your Agency do to Attract These Job Seekers?

The message for providers at the moment seems to be to craft job postings that are emphasize features that are attractive to women and retirees.

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