Tennessee Re-Evaluates EVV Model

Tennesse mandated EVV under the MCP choice model several years ago. The state is currently re-evaluating the model.

Contact info@mitcsoftware.com for more information on VoIP Telephone Timekeeping.

MITC Now Includes VoIP Telephone Timekeeping

Agency Workforce Management is pleased to announce we now offer VoIP telephone timekeeping as well as analog telephone timekeeping and Web Clock! VoIP (Voice over IP) enables you to use a less expensive broadband Internet connection instead of using analog telephone lines. VoIP is available with MITC Cloud or customer-hosted solutions.

Benefits of Using VoIP for Telephone Timekeeping

  • Eliminate costs of multiple analog phone lines
  • No need to use digital to analog converters
  • Automatically restarts in the event of power outage
  • No busy signals
  • No need to buy lines for “busy” periods
  • Greater stability
  • No lines down/bringing lines up
  • No need for dedicated server
  • Dialogic Voice Processor
  • Reduced costs if using MITC Cloud
  • Per employee pricing: only pay for what you use

Agency Workforce Management will continue to support analog/dialogic telephone timekeeping, but you’ll always have the choice to switch to VoIP in the future.

Contact info@mitcsoftware.com for more information on VoIP Telephone Timekeeping.

Rhode Island Providers Already Using EVV

Rhode Island entered a contract with Sandata in 2016 for a statewide EVV system. Providers do not have a choice to use any other EVV system for time and billing. They may, however, use a different scheduling system if it integrates with and is approved by Sandata.

Programs Affected: Homemaker (SS130), Personal Care Services with modifiers (S5125), Combined Homemaker & Personal Care Services (S5125 U1)