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3 Tips to Boost Hiring

Recruitment is a complex process, but essentially it is a competitive marketing process – if agencies want to convert candidates into hires, they need to look at the process the same way marketers look to convert leads to sales. Agencies need to ensure that their recruitment funnel is solid. You can’t win if you don’t compete! […]

Reduced Employment Opportunities

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday, July 16th that although job openings are at a record high, the impression that all employers are hiring like never before may be misleading. Many businesses that laid off workers during the pandemic are already predicting they will need fewer employees in the future. As with past economic shocks, […]

The Worker Shortage Explained

Over 4-8 million fewer people are currently in the US labor force than before the pandemic, depending upon how they are counted. Why? Fear of Covid-19, sickness (the USA still averages over 14,000 positive cases a day); if 14,000 people quarantine for 14 days, that removes nearly 200,000 from the available workforce even if they […]

Hiring Picks Up in the USA

The number of unemployment-benefit recipients is falling at a faster rate in Missouri and 21 other states are canceling enhanced and extended payments this month. This suggests that ending the aid could push more people to take jobs, according to the Wall Street Journal. Federal pandemic aid bills boosted unemployment payments by $300 a person […]

178 Workers Suspended for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccination

Workers at a hospital in Houston, TX have been suspended, and could potentially be fired, due to a company mandate requiring all hospital employees to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. This mandate has sparked protests from employees who have been suspended. According to the Detroit Free Press, Houston Methodist CEO Marc Boom said the 178 workers represent less […]

Employees Enjoy Pay On Demand

700 employees at an agency based in Nebraska are enjoying using Pay On Demand with Agency Workforce Management. Pay On Demand was implemented at the agency in March 2019. Since then, 56% of employees have enrolled (no fee to enroll), and 149 employees used Pay On Demand in the last pay period (21% of all employees). There […]

The Secret to Time and Attendance Compliance

Many providers using time and attendance struggle to get staff to clock-in and out consistently. Among providers using Agency Workforce Management the average amount of staff compliance is about 85%, but that means a good percentage of providers are below 80%. Less than 80% equals a lot of edits, busy work, and potential timesheet fraud. […]

A CEO’s Legacy

Under Phil Pangrazio’s leadership, Ability360 developed into one of the nation’s largest Centers for Independent Living and established itself as a premiere model for other centers throughout the country. Phil has been helping build Ability 360 for 21 years now, prior to working at Ability 360 he started off in health care and got his […]

Using Scheduling for Residential Billing

Providers use Staff and Client Scheduling to track billing for group homes. This method for tracking client attendance in residential programs assumes clients are in attendance most of the time. It follows the exception rule: if 80% or more of the time, what happens is what is scheduled, an effective solution will update the schedules […]