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Hiring and Labor Market Update

A lot of information has been published recently on the latest state of the labor market and hiring. Here are the highlights as it relate to agencies 428,000 jobs were added in April, marking the 12th straight month of gains exceeding 400,000 (Labor Department). Lower wage employers dominated the hiring market (Restaurants, hotels, leisure and […]

Workers Quit Jobs at Record Levels

The Wall Street Journal reported on January 5 that workers quit their jobs at a record rate in November while job openings remained close to highest-ever levels. As providers know, the US labor market remains very tight. These are the facts: 5 million quit their jobs in November The quit rate was 3% up from […]

What Happened to All the Workers?

Employers continue to struggle with hiring. So where did all the workers go? The Wall Street Journal reports that over 500,000 became self-employed in 2021. Currently 9.44 million workers are registered as self-employed. That is the highest total since 2008 after the financial crisis. Meanwhile, the US workforce remains 3% lower than before the pandemic. […]

Hiring Improves for Some

The Wall Street Journal recently reporting an uptick in hiring with almost 600,000 new people joining the US workforce in October. 1 million more people were employed in November than in October. The labor force participation rate rose to 61.8%, highest since March 2020 when the pandemic started. The labor force participation rate for women, […]

Using PTO Cash Outs to Help with the Holiday Season

The labor shortage, particularly for agencies managing group homes, shows no sign of abating. These are new and old remedies providers are using to fill and cover visits. Allow staff to cash out their PTO and work extra shifts. This doesn’t cost anymore real money and helps provide extra hours of coverage. Many DSP’s welcome […]

Extra Unemployment Pay Has Disappeared, So Why Haven’t the Workers Returned?

Earlier this year, a change came: $300-a-week federal supplement for unemployed Americans was cut off. Many people, they argued, would then take the millions of jobs that employers were desperate to fill. Yet three months after half the states began ending that federal payment, there’s been no significant influx of job seekers. In states that cut […]

The 2021 MITC DSP Winner

MITC has awarded a total of $5,000 to Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who stand out and go above and beyond to provide exemplary service during the current emergency. MITC values the hard work put forth by DSPs everyday, and is hoping to show our appreciation through these prizes! After receiving 684 nominations from hundreds of agencies, […]