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Celebrating 30 Years of MITC

History In September of 1990, MITC was established by John Graham, MITC CEO & Software Architect to provide software to organizations with employees providing services in multiple, often remote, locations. That original focus still drives everything MITC does today. MITC created one of the first telephone timekeeping systems in the world. Very specialized hardware was […]

Provider Responses to Coronavirus

A recent snapshot survey conducted by five Illinois provider associations -The Arc, Community Behavioral Healthcare Association, Illinois Association For Behavioral Health, Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities, and The Institute on Public Policy For People With Disabilities – of clinic-based and residential provider organizations includes information on how providers are adjusting pay, payrolls, and operations during […]

What’s the Secret to Employee Engagement?

Engagement is an employee’s emotional commitment to your organization and its goals. When engagement is unlocked, it leads to higher productivity, cost reductions, and retention. True commitment is a two-way street. What are you doing to earn it and how can you reciprocate? MITC offers a variety of tools to help your organization drive engagement: Get off to a […]

Do Providers Need Another EHR Software to Evaluate?

In 2019, several CEO’s at different agencies in Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania asked me essentially the same question:  “Why don’t you have an EHR?” I gave the same answer I have given for many years. “Agency Workforce Management is about Time & Attendance, Documentation, Scheduling, Payroll Integration, Billing, HR, Training – everything about managing staff. Anyway, […]

DSP’s Should Be Paid At Least 125% of Minimum Wage

In order to attract caregivers, Maine’s labor commission is calling for something radical: a requirement to ensure they’re paid at least 125% of the state’s existing minimum wage. Overall, state-mandated minimum wage hikes have become somewhat commonplace in recent years. At least 21 states, for example, started 2020 with higher minimum wages than the previous […]

Maine Sets EVV Requirement Date

For agencies operating in Maine, EVV plans are finally getting due dates. By July 1, 2020, PCS and HHCS that require in-home visits by a provider in the following sections will require EVV: 12, Consumer-Directed Attendant Services 18, Home and Community-Based Services for Adults with Brain Injury 19, Home and Community-Based Services for the Elderly […]