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Why the Worker Shortage Continues

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, May 7th that there are many reasons holding back potential employees from the labor market. Over 4-8 million fewer people are currently in the labor force than before the pandemic, depending upon how they are counted. Fear of Covid-19, sickness (the USA still averages over 45,000 positive cases […]

Why Providers Struggle with EHR and Documentation

A big question for the future of technology in health and human services – how to make EHRs better serve the professionals delivering care? That was the focus of a discussion with Peter Flick, Chief Executive Officer of Remarkable Health, at a recent OPEN MINDS Technology & Analytics Institute. The history of EHRs has created a challenge. Flick explained, “The best thinking […]

Tax Credits for Vaccination Time Off

The Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department announced further details of tax credits available under the American Rescue Plan to help small businesses, including providing paid leave for employees receiving COVID-19 vaccinations. Eligible employers, such as businesses and tax-exempt organizations with fewer than 500 employees and certain governmental employers, can receive a tax credit for […]

Employers Start Requiring Vaccines for New Hires

The Wall Street Journal reports that employers are starting to require Covid-19 vaccinations for new hires. Read more here. Among the companies and positions requiring vaccinations were: Restaurant in New York Camp guide in Alaska HR assistant in California Meatpacking giant, JBS USA Holdings Recycling plant in Kentucky Houston Methodist Hospital is requiring all 26,000 current […]

Using Texting in the Hiring Process

There are multiple reasons to use texting in your hiring process. Here are the 10 main ones: Today’s future employees use text, not email. Increase your message open rates over email with texting. Younger employees, like millennials, particularly use texting. Phone calls, without engaging first through text, is off-putting to many. Your competitors are using […]

The Limited Labor Market

The labor market should be awash with job seekers swamping demand for work, but that is not happening. The Wall Street Journal recently published a very revealing article on this topic. Median wage growth was 3.4% in February Earnings were up 2.8% for Q4 2020 This month’s Federal beige book reported a shortage of applicants for many […]

Top 5 Benefits of an Integrated System

When running an agency, there are multiple operations that need to be tracked – schedules, trainings, clock-ins and outs, hiring, and more! Having multiple systems to track all of this can really bog down an agency’s operations. An integrated system has multiple benefits that impact all sectors of an agency. 1.     Reduced Data Entry Entering data […]

UK Care Givers Lose ‘Sleep-In Shift’ Pay

Care workers across the UK who have to sleep at their workplace they are needed are not entitled to the minimum wage for their whole shift, the UK Supreme Court has ruled. The case was brought by Clare Tomlinson-Blake against the learning disability non-profit, Mencap. The case sought to overturn a 2018 Court of Appeal […]

American Rescue Plan Continued

It was recently announced that The American Rescue Plan would provide billions of dollars for HCBS programs. Below are more details about the package. Check out the first blog to learn more. Increases the total dollars available for Medicaid HCBS, as states are required to maintain their current HCBS spending to qualify for the enhanced federal funds. Specifically, […]